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  • Bible teachings

  • Chronology of Bible events

  • Archaeology

  • Jewish culture & practices

  • Christian church history

  • Christian roots of America

  • Relevant world history

  • Controversial issues

  • Origin of Bible texts

  • Bible book synopses

Christianity Made Simple
Book Synopsis

Christianity Made Simple is a one-of-a-kind book for everyone regardless of knowledge or maturity.

  • A biblical foundation is provided using truths regarding belief in God; the identity, works, and teachings of Jesus Christ; facets of becoming and being a Christian; as well as the various aspects of the spiritual realm: heaven, angels, God vs. Satan, demons, hell.

  • Upon that foundation is laid the 12 steps for disciples along with specific techniques for use in making disciples,  bible study, and prayer/fasting as well as insights regarding sin. 

  • The Jewish culture and religion from biblical, historical, and modern views is provided along with Old Testament vs. New Testament correlations.

  • A synopsis for each book in the Bible is provided with facts about each author and the historical context.

  • A detailed  chronology in narrative format ordered by date for biblical events from Creation through Apostle Paul's time in prison along with relevant post-biblical events

  • Biblical theology concepts are explained including prophecy, interpretation, visions, dreams, essential doctrines, and the systems of covenants vs. dispensation ages. 

  • The history of post-biblical Christianity councils, creeds, and confessions is delineated along with controversies that triggered the major denominational schisms.

  • Integration of facts relevant to Christianity for archaeological discoveries, world history, and American history.

  • Articles are included that address controversial issues between Christians and secularists and Christians with differing beliefs.

  • The layout simplifies learning and comprehension regarding numerous topics.

  • Various tests and lists reinforce retention and reference. 

  • Widespread quoting of various Bible verses lends credibility and facilitates biblical insights.

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