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Janette was raised in a small town called Dayton located east of Houston, TX - the eldest of five children. Her father worked in Texas oil fields and her mother was a homemaker.


She graduated from Dayton High School with honors as well as scholarships in music and teaching and from the University of Houston with a Bachelor degree in Management Information Systems. 

At the age of 59, after forty years of working as an information technology specialist, technical writer, and project manager in the petroleum, aerospace, and space exploration industries in Houston, Los Angeles, and Seattle, Janette  retired to her hometown.

After a few months of retirement, she awoke about 4:00 am in March 2015 to a long list of Christian topics rattling about in her mind which she promptly wrote down so she could hopefully go back to sleep.  


This was the moment when she was inspired to write her first book Christianity Made Simple: A Handbook for Disciples of Jesus Christ.  The list of topics became the table of contents and within six months, she had completed the first draft.

While growing up, Janette visited a variety of Christian churches including revivals at the Assembly of God with her grandmother, revivals at the Baptist church near her parents home; and visits to the university Methodist student center.  


She heard the threats of hell fire and damnation being preached and concerned people  talked to her about her need to get 'saved'; however, she just didn't get it. A local pastor's wife gave her a child's King James bible but it seemed like a foreign language, so she never read it.

Age 8

Age 13

Age 25

TRUTH - that which is fact or reality; there can be only one. 

As an adult, Janette tried a variety of spiritual paths from New Age to Mormonism; and read a wide variety of books about spirituality such as the Book of Mormon, The Road Less Traveled, A Course in Miracles, and Dianetics - all of which she later learned had teachings contrary to tenets of Christianity. 


These books and experiences were mentally, emotionally, and socially stimulating - at the time; however, her interest was short-lived once she recognized their futility. She was sincerely searching for the truth about God and somehow knew these paths weren't going to get her there.  

On March 28, 1994 at 7:30 pm - at the age of 40, Janette had an encounter with the God of creation in her living room in response to a new friend sharing the gospel of Jesus with her.  

She was fascinated.  As the friend spoke about the importance and identity of Jesus, Janette was emotionally and spiritually moved and began to cry.  She instinctively knelt in front of the couch in prayer. This was it ... she knew this was the answer she had been seeking.


She committed to make Jesus her Lord and Savior.  ​For days afterwards, she remained tearful and overwhelmed with an innate sense that her life would never ever be the same again.


Janette had the privilege of experiencing a powerful, life-changing encounter with the one and only true God - the Christian God of creation.  Her new friend helped her pick out a bible and provided guidance as she grew in her faith.


Although spiritual growth is ongoing with its insights, trials, and blessings, she did experience a dramatic spiritual and behavioral transformation during the first six months that has stood the test of time (20+ years).


In addition, the thirst for knowledge of and encounters with the God of Creation (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) has remained consistent. She has no doubt that she is on the right path now.

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